Guardian robots designed by an extinct civilisation. Highly advanced.


     As much a part of the city as the the uneasy calm that rules over it, the Walkers are a type of construct that were left behind by their old masters, the original rulers of the city. Their purpose is unknown, but many call them guardians, as they are known to uphold what may be called "justice" by outsiders. To those residing within Anarcha, they are a mixed blessing. Imagine a police force that you could not communicate with, that could decide to "take you in" at it's own prerogative, but was still necessary to uphold some form of law

     Attempts to study them beyond basic observation have been largely failed attempts. They can apparently communicate with one another, (but rarely do so) which makes attempts at capturing (or even killing) them extremely difficult.

     There are many different forms of Walkers, but only three which visitors to Anarchana are likely to see. The first I shall mention is actually of a more unique form than that of the other two quadrepedal Walkers I shall discuss later, but I mention it first as it's purpose directly relates to the other two. The Walker Auspicus is perhaps the most disturbing of walkers, as from a distance you might mistake one for a human, or similer bipedal creature. Up close you see it for what it is, a strange imitation of a humanoid; headless, with a truncated torso and grossly extended arms and legs. It's exterior design seems much less complicated than that of it's larger cousins, but when you understand that it's purpose is simple observation, it makes sense. Walker Auspicus is lightweight, and it's lengthy legs coupled with it's simplistic joints can grant it extraordinary speeds. Many speculate that it's purpose is to be the less conspicuous eyes (and ears) of the larger Walkers, which have the power to enforce their will.

     Walkers Lux and Ereptis are similer in build, both with four single-jointed legs with fully rotational connections to the main core of the body. Many believe that the number of legs is proportional to the rank of the Walker, which would imply that these two Walkers are of a higher status than Walker Auspicus. The difference between the two, is quickly obvious to an educated Walker Watcher however, as are their purposes. Walker Lux features a large cannon which emits a bright white light



The Walker Ereptis is the more feared feare


Walker Auspicus


basic model for Walker Lux and Walker Ereptis


Anarchana sessle